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为庆祝ION Orchard爱雍乌节板长寿司分店的重新开业,令人期待的切鱼仪式将在05/08/22星期五,下午3点于ION Orchard爱雍板长寿司分店举行!野生蓝鳍吞拿鱼非常的稀有珍贵,一直是我们尊贵客户的最爱。





Sushi King Competition Returns Season 2 2022:
Who will win the Honor? 

Back by popular demand, Itacho Sushi returns with the 2nd season of Sushi King Competition! Visit any Itacho Sushi from 27th June onwards, and get ready to be blown away by creative, delicate and fresh dishes that will make you go back for more! Take your pick among the 9 exclusively nominated dishes to root for and cast your vote with every order. Chefs with the most dish orders will stand a chance to win the competition with cash prizes up to $500 and certificates of participation!


Sushi King Competition Returns Season 2 2022:
Who will win the Honor? 

Itacho Sushi has held the Sushi King Competition for few seasons since 2019, and we had just finish 2022 Sushi King Season 1 in June and has won the reputation among our customers for its creative delicate dishes and savoury flavours.Itacho Sushi King Competition returns for 2022 Season 2, there are 9 Chefs' Specialties challenging your taste buds.



板长寿司在2019年举办了三季寿司王者争霸赛和刚刚结束的2022第一季寿司王比赛,以新颖亮眼的创意,各式各样的菜式与回味无穷的味道赢得了众多好评。最新鲜的食材和时令美食一直是板长寿司的主要特色,它将我们尊贵的客户以其原始风味传送到日本。板长寿司王大赛2022 年第 2 季即将回归,9 位师厨的特色菜来挑战你的味蕾。

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sgfoodlifestyle: See what we got to try out this time, Wild Blue Fin Tuna

See what we got to try out this time: Wild Blue Fin Tuna, DIRECT FROM HOKKAIDO FUNKAWAN #北海道喷火湾

It’s more than 50KG!

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Wild Blue Fin Tuna Cutting

Itacho Sushi has successfully bid a Wide Blue Fine Tuna which weights over 50kg from Tokyo Toyosu Market auction-the world’s largest seafood market. The Fish Cutting will be held at Itacho Sushi The Star Vista Outlet on the 17th June 2022 3pm. Wild Blue Fin Tuna is rare and precious, which is always their valued customers’ favorites. 

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This Chinese New Year, excite your tastebuds and usher in the new year with your loved ones at Itacho Sushi. Indulge in the “Abalone Gold Flakes ‘Lo Hei’ Yu Sheng”, a Chinese New Year exclusive that features top-quality abalone with gold flakes and fresh Norwegian Salmon. The dish is available from S$38 from 17 January to 15 February 2022.


10 The Star Vista Food Places For Candy Floss French Toast, Sashimi Towers, And More

Itacho Sushi has also launched festive-themed items on their menu that are adorably IG-worthy. The Starry Christmas Salmon Tower ($23.80++) features seared and sashimi salmon rolls, all stacked up to form a cute Christmas tree-like tower. The Christmas Village Salmon Roll ($15.80++) is wrapped in inari and sprinkled with powdered sugar for a sweet finish. 

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7 Cheap Sushi Places in Singapore With Dishes From Just $1.50

Itacho Sushi is a Hong Kong brand that’s got more than 40 outlets in Hong Kong, Singapore, and even Japan. The ingredients that they use are specially selected by their dedicated team of procurement staff, and exported to the restaurants directly from Tokyo, Hokkaido and Kyushu. 

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Itacho Sushi Has A 1-For-1 Deal On Their Aburi Salmon And Bincho Tuna Sushi Platter

Sushi lovers rejoice, as Itacho Sushi is having a 1-for-1 promotion for their Autumn Roasted Salmon and Bincho Tuna Delights platter, where sushi comes topped with ebiko mayonnaise and more. If you missed their previous ikura don bowls offer last month, now’s your time to snag this 1-for-1 deal.

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Satiate your sushi and sashimi cravings at these 12 restaurants 

If you’ve got a thing for makis, give chain restaurant Itacho Sushi a try. Their Lobster & Mango Salad Roll, Avocado & Soft Shell Crab Roll, and even Sakura Shrimp w/Cheese Roll are sure to satisfy your cravings. Otherwise, plenty of other Japanese dishes are available too, like udon, curry rice, and even grilled eats.

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Affordable Sushi in Singapore: Japanese Restaurants That Won’t Break The Bank

Probably the most well-known restaurant on this list (and for good reason), Itacho Sushi has nine convenient locations all across Singapore. This eatery chain is beloved for its budget-friendly prices – think S$1.50 to S$5 a piece for salmon, bluefin tuna and mackerel. And besides the sizeable amounts of different seafood, you can also choose between having them in their regular nigiri form, roasted, salted, or as good ol’ sashimi. 

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Itacho Sushi Has Ikura Rice Bowls From Just $9.80 For A Limited Time Only

You get two different ikura bowls to pick from.

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60% off overflowing ikura rice bowls from Itacho Sushi available for limited time only

With 60% off their ikura rice bowls, Itacho Sushi is probably the cheapest place to satiate your craving for these beautiful mini bobas from the sea.

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$9.80 Overflowing Ikura Bowl @ Itacho Sushi!

Itacho Sushi is currently offering these overflowing Ikura bowls at 60% off - just $9.80! Tag a buddy and head down for a taste of these bowls of goodness before the deal ends on Thursday 🍣

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Food King Singapore: All You Need To Know - Itacho Sushi

In this segment, we not only provide you with our reviews of the food, we will also introduce to you what’s special and unique about the establishment, and yes, that includes their ordering and payment system!