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Sushi King Competition Returns Season 2 2022:
Who will win the Honor? 

Itacho Sushi has held the Sushi King Competition for a few seasons since 2019, and we had just finished 2022 Sushi King Season 1 in June and has won the reputation among our customers for its creative delicate dishes and savoury flavours.

Winners of Sushi King Season 1:


1st: Sirloin Beef Katsu Sandwich


2nd: Sliced Beef w/ Vegetable & Tofu Pot


3rd: Roasted Sushi w/ Tartar Sauce

Freshest ingredients with seasonal delights are Itacho Sushi’s top feature which teleport our valued customers to Japan with its original flavours.

Itacho Sushi King Competition returns for 2022 Season 2, there are 9 Chefs' Specialties challenging your taste buds.

With our exquisite creations that comes with high-quality standard and wide selections, our competition will sure bring you the scrumptious journeys and tastes. Our innovative satisfactions with latest experiences and tastes will surely surprise you!

All dishes are wallet-friendly with same promotion price at $13.2 each (U.P. $16.5) 20% OFF.

Let’s take a look at what new creativities and taste Itacho Sushi Chef team bring to public:

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One of a kind: Roasted Seafood w/Mango Sauce Mini Rice

Different from other Japanese cuisine, we added in mango sauce, avocado, salmon and rice to contrast in colour is formed, with a visual hierarchy sense. On top of the rice, we have posing in the shape of shrimp, squid and scallop. It will definitely a visual and taste buds enjoyment for you.

Innovating & Retaining the origins: Fried Rice w/Salmon & Orange Sauce

We believe you are tired of the traditional Sushi Rolls. We will surprise you with a brand-new sushi adventure by innovating and retaining our origins. Combing Deep-fried Nori Rice with Salmon and Orange Mayo with more other ingredients. Refreshing Fried Rice w/ Salmon & Orange Sauce is waiting for you.

Brave to try new things, getting a new breakthrough: 3 Flavoured Chu Maki w/Spicy Sauce

Satisfying your spicy sashimi craving with 3 flavoured Chu Maki: Akami, Salmon and White Fish. Taste this hot summer now! When eating, use chopsticks to pick up the sushi, bite down and enjoy the unique taste of the ocean.

New VS. Traditions: Eel & Mango w/Fried Shrimp Tempura Roll w/Tenkasu

Without any doubt, Eel is a traditional ingredient in Japanese Food, while mango is a new type of ingredients. The collision of new era and traditional ingredients produces a new spark in Japanese food. Definitely, Mango helps to remove the oiliness of Eel as well.

Maki Lovers, can you resist? : Pan Fried Scallop w/Fried Shrimp Tempura Roll

This dish is specially made for lovers of Maki. Combined with the mayonnaise sauce, it's hard not to fall in love with this Maki roll. Try it once and you won't regret it. With its simplest ingredients, but nicest taste.

Creative Japanese Fusion:  Pan Fried Scallop w/Cod Fish Caviar & Garlic w/Toast

The Chef introduced the concept of Creative Japanese cuisine. Using scallop direct from Japan to serve with crispy bread and black truffle oil mentaiko garlic sauce. It makes the original monotonous bread richer and more delicious.

Let’s have a refreshing Summer: Seafood Cucumber w/Lemon Sauce Roll

Who can resist creative Seafood Cucumber w/ Lemon Sauce Roll? Refreshing cucumber paired with the freshest seafood and sweet and sour lemon sauce will keep you refreshed for the whole summer.

Combining Tempura & Sushi: Spicy Salmon & Cheese w/Fried Shrimp Tempura Roll

Japanese cuisines are incomplete without tempura. Our luxurious Spicy Salmon & Cheese w/ Fried Shrimp Tempura Roll which is a perfect fusion of sushi and tempura concepts. Allows you to enjoy both Tempura and Sushi in one dish.

Aburi Lovers’ Favourites: Selected Roasted 5 kind Sushi

Aburi Lovers, this Selected Roasted 5 Kind Sushi will be your favourite!  When the musket aburi the best 5 selected ingredients to make a sizzling sound, the fragrance of the rice is mixed well with the fresh aroma of the seafood, get a mouthful of simple happiness.

Who will be the next Sushi King in this coming season?

Is it difficult for you to choose your favourite from the picture? Starting from June 27 Monday, you can visit at all our outlets to try. Your choice will add a vote to your favourite dish. We are waiting for your arrival at the arena of Sushi King Season 2!

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