Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Accept Reservations?

Yes, reservations could be made simply by calling your outlet of choice. Kindly refer to the " Locations" page for the list of our outlet's phone number. *Min Spend of $50 per pax would be required at the ION Orchard outlet **Min Spend of $25 per pax for all other outlets


Do You Accept Takeaways?

Takeaway orders could be placed via our mobile app and collected from your outlet of choice.

Membership & T&Cs

How Do I Renew My Membership?

Membership renews automatically before expiration when the user account has at least 10 Itacho Dollars (points) in his/her account balance. Members will receive a push notification before expiry.

Why Are My Points Not Credited?

In such rare situations, kindly drop us an email on with a screenshot on the approved transaction or receipt as well as the user account's email address. Assistance would be provided upon 3~5 working days.

I Have 23 Itacho Dollars, Why Can I Only Redeem A $20 Rebate?

Redemption of rebates is only available in the denomination of $10, $20, $50, $100 and $200. Only one redemption can be applied on one transaction. For 23 ITC$, the user can choose to redeem $20 OR $10 and leave $10 for the next visit.

How Do I Redeem My Itacho Dollars (Points)?

Only members can redeem 1 Itacho Dollar for every $10 spent per receipt. E.g. You have 12 points as a non-member, and spent $120 at Itacho, where you will earn 12 points. Your account: 12 points + 12 points - 20 points + 10 points = 14 points remaining Simply tap on Itacho Dollars Redeem > underneath the membership name. Alternatively, as you checkout while dining in, you may tap on Redemption Option which will also redirect to the redemption page.

What Are The Benefits Of The Membership?

Members will enjoy 15% off regular items on their birthday month. The discount is only applicable towards non-promotional items. Members will also accumulate Itacho Dollars for redemption to offset the total dine-in bill.

How Do I Become A Member And Accumulate Itacho Dollars (Points)?

Once registered, customers can start accumulating Itacho Dollars (points) to become a member. New member registration requires 20 Itacho Dollars and 10 Itacho Dollars will be re-credited back to the user’s account once they become a member. Each time you visit your nearest Itacho outlet, you may use our Itacho Sushi app to order and make payment so as to accumulate points.

How Do I Register Or Sign-Up?

Customers can only register and become our member (once 20 Itacho Dollars / points) have been accumulated via downloading the Itacho Sushi app on App Store or Play Store.

How Long Is My Membership?

Membership is strictly valid for a year from a date of becoming a member once you have accumulated 20 Itacho Dollars (points) in the registered account.

Terms & Conditions

1. Points accumulations are strictly for customers with a user account registered on our Itacho Sushi Mobile App, applicable for both dine-in and takeaway only. Deliveries are not applicable. Itacho Sushi does not recognize points accumulation for user accounts that are registered after the dine-in or takeaway date. Exception to points accumulation include open kitchen items - items not available on app. Customers may request for staff's assistance, however, in the event where customers request staff to order food from their mobile device, the points will be forfeited. 2. Renewal of membership would require 10 Itacho Dollars from the existing member account. The remaining Itacho Dollars will then be carried forward to the renewed membership account. 3. Every Itacho Dollar is worth $1 rebate. Receipts cannot be combined for claiming points. Rebates come in the following denominations: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200 and $500. The Itacho Dollar rebate system is strictly for members only. Redemptions are only valid for dine-in and not for takeaways or deliveries. 4. Itacho Sushi reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Will My Itacho Dollars (Points) Expire?

For account holders (non-members), points accumulation will not expire. For members, once your membership expires and you do not have at least 10 points to renew for membership, the remaining points will be settled to 0 and expire automatically.

I Forgot My Account Password. What Should I Do?

Simply tap on "Forget Password" at the Sign In page and you will receive a "forget password" email in the email address you have registered.

I Forgot My Account Email. What Should I Do?

In such rare situations, kindly drop us an email with the mobile number you have registered for us to trace back. Assistance would be provided upon 3~5 working days.


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