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Itacho Sushi Xmas & New Year Speicals 2022:

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way! The footsteps of Christmas are approaching, and the Christmas atmosphere is everywhere. Colourful Christmas lights and all kinds of Christmas trees are everywhere.  Most indispensable for Christmas is a delicious Christmas meal! Christmas and New year are always the seasons to celebrate with our loved ones sharing every good moment throughout the year with delicious food accompanying us to welcome the beautiful 2023!

Wonderful 2023, Wonderful innovations. Itacho Sushi brings you exclusive festival feasts!   Savour wide varieties of seasonal menus with wallet-friendly prices.”

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Once a year, festival dishes for cosy get-togethers.

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Itacho Sushi, a Japanese restaurant in Singapore that offers high quality & affordable price Japanese cuisines. As we are heading to year end, Itacho Sushi has created a Christmas and New Year Special Menu 9 festive dishes with up to 20% offer, bringing you to enjoy festive moments with friends and family. We aim to deliver a sensational festive frenzy with holly jolly dishes beyond your wildest winter dreams!

Winter Snack Combo
Winter Snack Combo.png

How can there be no snacks for a party? In addition to the Christmas Tree Sushi Combo, this year's Christmas, Itacho sushi also added a Christmas tree-like winter snack combination consisting of three-color small plates. There is nothing better than this snack to share with friends and family. Butter Black Pepper Scallops, Pumpkin Tempura and Mini Salmon Katsu, all crispy and delicious! The best fried food to order with a bottle of sake and cheers!

Happy Gathering Snacks Platter
Happy Gathering Snacks Platter.jpg

A plate of snacks is usually not enough, and this Happy Gathering Snacks Platter is friendly to those who love sashimi and fried food! Not only delicious fish sashimi, but also shrimp tempura, vegetarian tempura and fried chicken. Let you enjoy a feast of sight and taste at one time.

Blooming Sashimi Set
Blooming Sashimi Set.jpg

Like a blossoming flower, it means that 2023 will be a brand-new beginning, all the way to the flower road! Bright colours are paired with fresh sashimi: Bluefin tuna sashimi, Salmon sashimi and Whitefish sashimi. Christmas sashimi that worth sharing on your IG/FB!

Seafood w/Lobster Sauce Risotto
Seafood w Lobster Sauce Risotto.jpg

How can a Christmas feast be without a bowl of rice? The rich and sweet lobster sauce is served with water-mouthing Prawns, Clams, Scallops and vegetables. One bowl is enough to satisfy your tastebuds!

Deep Fried FlatFish w/Mentaiko
Deep Fried FlatFish w Mentaiko.jpg

The roasted mentaiko exudes a tempting aroma and a sizzling sound. After roasting, the ordinary Flat fish, became even more delicious! We'll bring this simple delicious delight to your table!

Peach Sherbet
Peach Sherbet.jpg

Dang Dang! In the festive Christmas season, a bite of sweet and sour ice cream which makes the night even more perfect! In this Christmas menu, we also launched three flavours of ice cream and Sherbet, let you choose! The first one is believed to be the best picks among ladies, Peach Sherbet with a peach peel as a bowl, filled with Peach Sherbet and decorated with waffle fans and dragon fruit pieces!

Yuzu Sherbet
Yuzu Sherbet.jpg

Friends who like sweet and sour tastes can also try Yuzu Sherbet. Eating a little sweet and sour dessert after a meal will help digestion and it became the finishing touch of the whole dinner! Take the Yuzu peel as the bowl, put the Yuzu Sherbet in the bowl, then use the waffle fan and mango chunks as decoration!

Pumkin Ice Cream
Pumpkin Ice Cream.jpg

Unlike the previous two desserts, this one is Pumpkin ice cream instead of Sherbet, adding on waffles, dragon fruit chunks, mango chunks, marshmallows and whipped cream. Very tasty and rich in texture! We believe it will definitely be a kid's favourite!

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